Social Responsibility

Tempus is committed to charitable work and has promoted social development in a variety of ways over the years.
The Tempus Charity Foundation has participated in activities to support the disabled, the elderly, orphans, school children, natural disaster victims, and other vulnerable groups facing hardship. We have contributed to building homes for the elderly, hospitals, schools and other charitable works.
We also provide economic and social benefits to the public through our quality services. We are realizing our cultural values through an active commitment to social responsibility. The spirit of martial arts is at the core of the Tempus identity and carries our work to serve our community.

vns59859威尼斯城:Charity Project for Child Care

2012 Launching Ceremony:
“Tempus·Love&Dream”— The Charity Project for Child Care has officially launched 
In order to support the local special types of disabilities and major diseases of children in Shenzhen to help developing the public welfare organizations to help the revolutionary base area of the Soviet Union to build the infrastructure for early childhood education. On January 24th morning, The “Tempus·Love&Dream”— The signing ceremony of Charity Project for Child Care was jointly organized by Shenzhen Tempus Charitable Foundation、Shenzhen Tempus Logistics Holding Ltd、Shenzhen Youth Development Foundation hosted at Tempus &Margaux wine culture promotion center. Secretary-general Pang jianqing、Tang qing and board secretary Wang yingbo respectively represent Tempus Charitable Foundation、Shenzhen Youth Development Foundation and Shenzhen Tempus Logistics Holding Ltd to sign the charitable donation agreement, Tempus board director Mr.Qin sixi、Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League deputy inspector Mr.Tan binggeng、Secretary General of the Shenzhen Federation of youth social organization Mr.Cao wenrui and some other leaders, caring people from the community、media reporters、Tempus Group Party Committee、Union representatives and other nearly 100 people to witness the ceremony. Soon afterwards, deputy inspector Mr.Tan binggeng represented for Commission of Communist to award Tempus Group and Tempus Charitable Foundation respectively for the chartable honor plaque of “Public-spirited and help dream come true”.
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vns59859威尼斯城:Impulse Project of Charity Auction

November 5, 2012, The opening ceremony was held at Tempus & Margaux wine culture promotion center also as a Margaux winery testing meeting as a Margaux wine charity auction called “Meeting at Tempus, help the weak and poor”. Tempus Logistics donated 35 million Yuan to Tempus Charitable foundation at the ceremony. The Tempus Charitable Foundation donated all the donations to the Shenzhen Youth Development Foundation for a joint to operate the “Tempus ?Love & Dream” —Child Care Charity Program series activities. Among them, 200,000 Yuan for “Tempus?Love & Dream” —special types of disability and major diseases of children’s relief commonweal organizations as the development of the assistance plan. 
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vns59859威尼斯城:The Second Term of “Love Helps Reunion Activities”

January 7, 2014, Tempus Global united with Daily Sunshine、Shenzhen City Channel-The First Scene to hold a public service activity called “Love helps reunion activities”, and the launching ceremony were held at Tempus Group building. 

Every Chinese New Year, there are many working parents stay in Shenzhen, but for various reasons, they cannot go home to reunite with their children. In order to let more city builder to feel the love of the city of Shenzhen, Daily Sunshine united with Shenzhen City Channel-The First Scene and Tempus Global to launch the public service activity called “2014 Love helps reunion activity-Caring migrant children to come to Shenzhen for new year" to help "migrant children" to come to Shenzhen to reunite with their parents. 

In order to let more children to feel the warm from the sunshine and family in Shenzhen, Daily Sunshine joined hand with City Channel ”The First Scene” and Tempus Group to launch the “Love helps reunion activities-Caring migrant children to come to Shenzhen for new year", 100 free flight tickets will provide for the migrant children and their families, among them, there were 50 sets of round-trip tickets, 50 of them were selected from the Daily Sunshine participants that signed up for the activity, in total it can help more than 20 families to have a round trip from their hometown to Shenzhen, on the other hand, the other 50 tickets were provided by the city channel ”The First Scene”.

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vns59859威尼斯城:The Third Term of “Love Helps Reunion Activities”, Tempus Global Sent Out Free Round Trip Tickets to Migrant Children

Report from Daily Sunshine   
Do you want to have your children to come to Shenzhen for New Year? Office of the Care Commission、Daily Sunshine、City Channel “The First Scene” united with Tempus Global to launch the activity of “Love helps reunion activities—Caring migrant children to come to Shenzhen for new year", reader's sign up now was accepted. 
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vns59859威尼斯城:Endless Love, Public Welfare Helps Growing--The Fourth Term of Tempus Globals “Love Helps Reunion Activities” Paid Atten

On the morning of January 19, 2016, the fifth term of “Love helps reunion activity" charity event was held at Tempus Group Building, the general manager of Tempus Global Mr.Qiao hai、deputy director of Office of the Care Commission Mrs. Chen Li and other leaders on behalf of all cooperation media attended the ceremony, Shenzhen radio and television chief announcer Mr. Dong Chao served as the ceremony host. 
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vns59859威尼斯城:"Tempus Chinese Soviet Area Central Kindergarten" Opening

Tempus focus on its own duty of charity, social returns, responsibility and to promote harmony. Tempus Charitable Foundation has donated more than 10 million Yuan to the Chinese Soviet Area for last 7 years. during this 7 years, Tempus carried out many public welfare projects in order to support the Soviet Area. 
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vns59859威尼斯城:The Love To Ya‘an Tempus Charitable Foundation Donated 500,000 Yuan to The Earthquake-Stricken Areas.

The love to Ya'an, Tempus Charitable Foundation donated 500,000 Yuan in cash for rescue and relief right after the earthquake. This donation has been sent to the earthquake-stricken area by Shenzhen Charity Federation, Tempus people used concrete actions to send out concern and blessing to Ya'an.
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vns59859威尼斯城:Tempus Charitable Foundation Donated 1.2 Million Yuan to The Flooded Area in Zijin

August 16, Heyuan city Zijin county encountered a once-in-a-century torrential rains. The serious disaster affected 18 towns and 150,000 people in the county. Tempus Charitable Foundation donated 1.2 million Yuan in cash right after the disaster to support the victims, fight the flood and provide relief. 

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vns59859威尼斯城:Tempus Charitable Foundation Donated 1.2 Million Yuan to Support Zijin People to Build Hospital

October 28, 2014 and November 21, Tempus Charitable Foundation donated two funds totaling 12 million Yuan to the People's Government of Zijin county for the construction of the new hospital. This is the largest amount of donation that Zijin county received for the medical infrastructure. 
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